The Ahungan people are a race of humans from the continent of Ahun. Most are still worshippers of Ahunga and continue to live the old ways of the Ahungan culture. However, it is long lost, and only so much can be done to keep whatever is left of the known culture alive. The only people who still know all of the original culture are The Chosen.


The Ahungan people are white-skinned and can stand at average heights of 200 cm (6.5 feet), and women at 190 cm (6.2 feet). They wear robes of black, but the prophets wear robes of white. The iris of their eyes are usually a pearly white or light gray color, and the hair is a dark brown color. Men are required to be hairless while the women are required to have their hair long and pulled to the back of their heads.

Life ExpectancyEdit

Many Ahungans leave to fight in wars, and so they don't live very long, but naturally they can live up to 120 years on average. Children don't mature until 25 years of age.