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The Ahungan Alphabet

The Ahungan language is a unique language spoken since possibly the beginning of time itself. The language itself is so old that it is considered long dead and forgotten, however there are still books that teach the language, as well as people who still speak it.

"In the mighty rays of the benevolent sun, let our prayers sing through the golden cities to be judged by the majesty of our Lord, Ahunga. Amen."



Although it's similar to English there are some differences in the way the language is written in spoken. When written, every word is put together in one sentence without any spacing, which can make it somewhat difficult to read for those who aren't native speakers, such as The Burned One. Ahungan is read from left to right, up and down. The letters are also different from that used in the Latin alphabet, but present a similar design. Some pronounciations of letters put together are also spoken differently.

Word/Letter Pronounciation
A Ah
E Eh
I Ee
O Oh
U Oo
R Rolled R (or L)
Y Ye
Ck "Flech" sound
Gh "Closed" hissing sound

Each letter in itself is pronounced the way they're supposed to be; there are no other mixtures (i.e. G's being 

pronounced like J's, S's being pronounced like Z's or vice versa).

The only part of the world that still speaks the language is the continent of Ahun, home of the Ahungans. 

However, most of the original culture is lost, and the language is only taught as a secondary language to the inhabitants as a way to keep the original Ahungan culture alive.


  • Ancient Ahungan or Agnuhian temples all have Ahungan written on them.
  • The language itself is based off of Japanese, English, and German.
  • It's literally English but spoken in Eastern vowels (with some exceptions).