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Art of Asdfghjkl destroying the city of Agni Ignis

Asdfghjkl (Ah-sduh-fuh-guh-juh-kul) is a faceshifter and general of Agnuha's army, created from the bones and fears of Agnuha's victims that were abandoned in The Darkness in the midst of The Dawn War. Being a faceshifter, it can change the look of its face at its own will, but during the Dawn War it was said that it preferred to change its face to whatever living thing it looked at feared most. It is unknown as to what Asdfghjkl's face naturally looks like.

After the Dawn WarEdit

After Ahunga banished Agnuha into the Darkness, Asdfghjkl fled, and hid itself underneath the crust of the Overworld, where it rested until Agnuha broke free from the Darkness, thus starting the era of The Divine Eclipse, where it continued laying waste to civilizations around it. Asdfghjkl still lives to this day.

Faceshifting AbilityEdit

Asdfghjkl has the ability to change its own visage. During the Dawn War it changed its face into whatever living being it looked at feared the most, such as death or loneliness. It would do this to simply frighten its victims, but mostly to pleasure itself with the torturing of others. As a result, many of Asdfghjkl's victims would be frightened at levels of being simply petrified to committing suicide on the spot. Most victims survive but end up going mad, yet Asdfghjkl is known to have killed other living things. Although we do not know what its face truly looks like, we do know that it predominantly chooses to represent the Eye of Agnuha.