Think of categories as labeling books as "Fantasy", or "Science Fiction". That's what categories are for on this wiki. These are the categories used in this wiki. You are to only use these categories listed below and none other unless with the permission of an administrator.


People - Mainly humans or certain races.

Monsters - Beings that aren't natural to the world, and usually horrifying.

Groups - Cults, or a number of beings working together.

Races - A group of people defined by their appearance.

Saints - A step or two lesser than a prophet, considered a holy being.

Prophets - A proclaimer of God. Usually high in power.

Deities - Gods or beings that are worshipped as Gods.

Places - Areas of the world or other worlds.

Symbols - Symbols that relate to the Ahungan religion or something else similar.

Culture - Beliefs and/or ways of certain people or races.

Lore - Mythology, or the history related to the Ahungan religion.

History - Lore isn't the same as history. History is stuff like a person's past, or a timeline of events.

Category RulesEdit


To make your own categories without consulting an administrator first.

To falsely use categories.

Other CategoriesEdit

Meta - Used for home pages, or pages like this one.

Site Rules - Obviously used for pages that talk about the rules.

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