The Ahunga Wiki

The Chat Rules are basically the same as the General Rules, but there are some things that can be different.

Please keep in mind that YOU are responsible for YOUR account. No matter what the excuse is. We don't care if your little brother or sister decided to slam their fists on the keyboard. You will still face the punishment for it, HOWEVER, we do give you some slack if something like that happens, because unlike most people, we're not a bunch of jerks.

Chat Rules[]

  • Don't be edgy.
  • Roleplaying is not allowed. This is a chat, not a Roleplaying server.
  • If you're posting a link to a youtube video, a page, or a live stream, repost it every five minutes if you want to keep showing it off.
  • Do not spam continuously.
  • If you have a long link, make the link tiny by going on TINYURL to make the link a lot smaller.
  • If a user is being edgy on your private messages, click BLOCK. We are watchers of the chat, not your teachers to report bullying.
  • If people are telling you to stop doing something you should stop.

Degrees of Behavior[]

1st Degree: Warning from a Moderator/Administrator.

2nd Degree: Kicked from chat.

3rd Degree: Banned for 2 hours.

4th Degree: Banned for 10 hours.

5th Degree: Banned for a day.

6th Degree: Banned for a week.

7th Degree: Banned for a month.

8th Degree: Banned for half a year.

9th Degree: Banned for a full year.

10th Degree: Permanently banned.

Keep in mind: Being banned for a certain amount of time totally depends on your actions or behavior. Don't be afraid to talk to moderators or administrators. We're people just like you, and we're pretty sure that you can try to be friends with all of us.