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The Eye of Ahunga is literally the eye of Ahunga himself. It is used to distinguish pictures of him and in pictures of his followers. In ancient Agnuhian and Ahungan temples there is art that depicts both the eye of Ahunga and the Eye of Agnuha somewhere on or around the followers of either two dieties. It's said that every depiction of the eye will be another gateway for Ahunga himself to look into the The Overworld. If you see the eye, the eye sees you.


  • The eye of Agnuha and the eye of Ahunga are both meant to represent the devil's horns and the angel's halo in Christian mythology.
  • The eye of Ahunga is depicted as the letter A in Ahungan text.
  • The Chosen wear the eye of Ahunga on the front of their robes.