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The Great Eclipse was a short, but major war that resulted in the beginning of a new era. It began when Agnuha gained enough power to burst forth from his prison in The Darkness and into The Overworld, where he quenched the world in complete darkness and released his army to fight against Ahunga's army. Monsters such as Hallows joined the fight, including Asdfghjkl, who breached himself out from the crust of the Overworld, ending his rest.

At the same time, Ahunga was gathering the members of The Chosen to come together and cleanse the world of sin that Agnuha would leave behind. They all began their journey at the same time, though Critic and Krule were together sailing to the continent of MineZ. However, Osseth was trekking north to the Volcano where he would be cleansed of his wrongdoings.